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123rd Maramon Convention

February 11 to February 18. Along with all our Bishops, Bishop Dr. Peter David Easton from Florida, Dr. Soritta Nababan from Indonesia, Rev. Dr. Francis Sunderraj from Chennai, Dr. R Rajkumar from Delhi and Rev. Dr. Vinod Victor from Trivandrum all renound evangelists, will be main speakers at this year’s convention. Let us all remember and pray for the convention.

2018 Family Retreat

The long awaited IMTC family retreat at the Trinity Pines conference was a blessing for everyone who participated. The message of Rev. William Abraham was an eye opener for all of us. We want to thank our Achens and Jojy, Louie, and Renny for a well planned and organized retreat.

G3 praise and worship team

If any of our members like to join the G3 service praise and worship team– for singing and preaching please give your names to the Vicar.

Sevika Sangham Hagar Fund

Hagar fund is the name of the fund that our savika Sangham collect every year to help the needy women. Last few years , they used the fund to help the widows in kerala. This year they plan to help the the local wom-en affected by the recent hurricane and flood. Our sa-vika sangham is requesting everyone’s generous contri-bution towards this noble cause.

Email messages from Church

If you like to receive the Church e-mail messages ,and not stll in the e-mail list, please send your e-mail address to Vice President, Mr. Mathews Varghese at

One call Voice Messages

If any of our members are not receiving the one call messages from our church and wants to be included, please txt me your telephone number @713-291-3001– with your full name, and ID #.

Birth announcements

  • Ethan Jacob Chacko, was born on January-12– 2018 to Mr. Abraham Chacko and Mrs. Jenny Chacko. Congratula-tions to the proud parents and grand parents Jacob Kunnum-purath and Aleyamma of the Ebenezer prayer group and ID # 161


  • Mrs. Mariamma Kuruvilla, 68 years old, wife of Mr. P E Kuruvilla ID # 315 of the Sinai prayer group ,passed away on January 17, at Houston.
  • Mr. K Idiculla, 95 years old, father of Mr. Varghese K Idicula ID # 139 of the Sehion prayer group, passed away on January 22, at Pathanapuram, Kerala.
  • Mr. Saji Karimkutty, 57 years old, brother of Mrs. Aleam-ma Jacob– wife of Mr. Jacob Kunnempuruthu ID # 161 of the Ebenezer prayer group, passed away on January 27, at Philadelphia.
  • Mrs. Annamma Pappachen, 81 years old, sister of Mrs. Mariamma Thomas, wife of Mrs. George Thomas (Jolly ) ID # 132 and aunt of Mr. George John– ID # 187 of the Tabor prayer group and Mrs. Lydia John ID # 270 of the Ebnezer prayer group– passed away on January 29, at Kalayapuram, Kerala.

The Vicars and members of the Immanuel Mar Thoma Church express their deep condolences to the bereaving family and friends. Please keep the bereaving family in your thoughts and prayers.

In His Service,
Philip Abraham
Secretary, Immanuel Mar Thoma Church.

If you have any questions, please contact Philip Abraham or the Vicars.