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Dear Immanuel family,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God is leading us in His grace to the second month of the New Year. We are entering the month of February. For the Mar Thoma Church February is a special month every year because of the Maramon Con-vention. For more than a century, we as a church have been gathering on the river bed of Pampa for reflection and inspiration from the word of God. The Maramon convention really takes us back to the revival years of the church which helped us grow as a reformed community witnessing in this world the light of the word of God. The blessings our church is experiencing and our unique identity is really the out-come following the word of God and giving more emphasis to it. Let's be thankful for our fathers and mothers who led the church as reviving and reforming community.

This convention has helped the church to grow in the word of God and to introspect our spiritual journey and has been a venue for chang-es and great decisions. As a part of the Reformed Church scattered around the world let us uphold and affirm the reforming and reviving spirit in this church. We are not called to be a stagnant community en-tangled in rituals but we are a called-out community where worship leads us out into the world to uphold the witness and carry out the mis-sion of Christ. God through his Holy Spirit has helped us in the spir-itual journey of the church to be a blessed community and to cry out His Mission wherever we are placed. Psalm 137 remind us of a com-munity which is seen weeping on the river beds of Babylon where they are alienated from the great joy of worshiping God in their moth-erland and the identity and witness attached to it. . In our own life situ-ations let's be reminded of the Great Mission we have as a church to be the light to the Nations. All that we do at the church, as a parish, as individuals be for the extension of this great mission. As we go ahead with the activities of the parish in the new year may the Holy Spirit enable us and guide us to be active participants in this mission of the church- A Light to the Nations(Is 49:6). May God bless you.

Yours in Christ service,
Unnithan Achen
Vicar, Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Houston
Ph 832-876-4281