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Marks of Disciple
June 2019

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As a Parish we are compleating twenty five years, and we are planning some thanksgiving programmes and projects. At the same time we have to rethink and rededicate our Christian life. Many countries are bleeding like anything because of terrorist attack. Clouds of hopelessness coming over the innocent people. Thousands are crying and praying to God’s intervension from human made disaster so that they could start their life from rubbles.

Importance of this month is, according to Church lectionary, Church celebrates the Day of Pentacost. Birth of the Church happend when death is abolished and life is affirmed in the resurrection of Christ. Resurrected Christ gives the responsibility of forgiveness of sins to His disciples. Forgiveness of sins is nothing but giving freedom to the people.

Church is a community of forgiven people to forgive and restore life where death rules over. Church is here to engage in the journey of life with the resurrected Christ. Disciples were locked themselves in a room because of fear. But Jesus appeared to them and given peace; which repositioned their life from locked rooms to the public spaces. Pentacost is a journey of redefining and repositioning of the Church.

The gift of Holy Spirit and the commissioning is extended to own belivers. Through this commissioning,the Risen Christ appeals the disciple to enter into a special relationship that He shares with His Father. This relationship is the basis for mission. We are, thus entrusted to follow the divine mandate to bear wittness to the Risen Christ. This is a call to continue in that task filled with the power of the Holly Spirit. As we celebrate the Day of Pentacost, let us rededicate ourselves for the mission ahead of us.

Our several youths and teenages are graduating from colleges and High Schools at the months of May and June. We are indeed glad to notice that all of them came with good grade. May God bless them and enlightend their intelligence for higher studies and good jobs. May God strengthen us to be the co-workers of God’s in His redemptive mission.

Servant in Christ,
Saji Achen