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Marks of Disciple
June 2018

"Fruit of a poisonous tree" is a legal term in USA to describe evidence obtained illegally. The reasoning behind it is that if the evidence (tree) is tainted, then anything gained from it (fruit) is tainted. The real purpose of Christian discipleship is to be like Christ and also emulate the character of Christ. Another purpose of discipleship is to grow in our knowledge of God. As we grow to know God, we yearn to know. His power and to experience it at work in our lives.

St. Paul said, "And this is my prayer that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of in sight" -Philip 1:9

A disciple must walk in his/her talk. One thing we have to understand that mere repetition of traditional phrases in prayer does not guarantee escape on the day of judgement. Our words and life should go together. Many people are more miracle oriented than God oriented. So, good discipleship is all about solid foundations. Torrential rain, rising flood waters and buffeting winds cannot shake a structure with a firm foundation. Our life should be built on Christ the rock.

Though trials and difficulties come our way, we will be able to overcome them and come out victoriously.