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August 2019

My dear Immanuel Family,
Greetings to you all in the name of our Triune God.

The first 15 days of August is set apart as 15 days lent. A memorable event in the history of reformation of Malankara Church happened during this season in 1836. The reform leaders, Abraham Malpan & Geevarghese Malpan used the translated Malayalam Liturgy for Holy Qurbana. Till that time church was using the Syriac liturgy. This paved way for the reformation at Malankara Church. Let us uphold the values of the reformation.
The church celebrates the Feast of Transfiguration on August 6th. Jesus took Peter, James, and John up a high mountain. There they witnessed Transfigured Jesus along with Elijah and Moses. Transfiguration was the process by which Christ gave them a glimpse of His true glory. He allowed them to see across (trans) to the other shore, to the true Glory of Christ. So the Feast of the Transfiguration is about vision. Have you seen the glory of Christ? Have you glimpsed God’s glory? Have you looked across to the other shore?

Our children are getting ready to go back to schools and colleges. My dear children, I wish you all a very successful and fruitful academic year. The international commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century, established by UNESCO, published a report entitled, Learning: The Treasure
Within. According to this report, there are four pillars of Education. They are:
1. Learning to know: Education is considered to be a process to acquire knowledge.
2. Learning to do: Education presumes to equip students with specific skills irrespective of whether it is informal or formal Education.
3. Learning to live together : Learning to live together requires two complementary approaches to discovering others and working towards common objectives. Knowing the other involves interaction and the possibilities of understanding about the other.
4. Learning to be: Education should aim at the holistic development of each individual. Education is not primarily a learning process but a becoming process. Not learning something in life. But becoming someone in life. Not just someone, but someone who has got a fruitful and meaningful life. Education should help us to face life and its challenges. It should equip and encourage you to ask some crucial questions that are directly or indirectly related to life. Intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic sense, personal responsibility, and spiritual values” as integral to such a development.
We are preparing to host this year’s Regional sports tournament at Mi3 center, 1135 Ella Crossing Dr. Houston, TX 77090. I wish the very best to all the players. I urge you to encourage the youths and co-operate with them.
I am sure that all our prayer groups are preparing for Quiz competition. Wishing them all the best. Let us thank God that He has brought many of us back safe after our vacation in India and other places.
As you are aware, this is our Jubilee year. We have planned many special and extra programs to make the Jubilee more meaningful and contemporary. So extra support and cooperation are especially expected from all of you. I know you will because we have a good tradition and habit of doing so. Please pray for the varied activities of our parish, especially for the Jubilee Project. Kindly give your generous contributions to start the Jubilee project as soon as possible.

Our Saji Achen moved to a new parsonage at 4235 Custer Creek Dr., Missouri City, Tx. Last two years Mr. Koshy Samuel was kind enough to give his house for our parish to use as the parsonage with a nominal rent. Immanuel Church is grateful for his kind heart.

We request your continued prayers and support.

May the Lord of wisdom give us the best in all the days of our lives.
Servant in Christ,
& Saji Achen

Rev. Abraham Varghese (AnuAchen)
Vicar, Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Houston