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August 2020

From the Vicar’s Desk
“How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?”
~ Psalm 13:1
Dear Immanuel Family,
A tiny little creature is creating a complete chaos in this world. How long will this pandemic last? We thought it will end soon. But it is escalating. The cry of Psalm 13 is, “How long?” And that’s the question on everyone’s minds these days, too. A How long till there’s a vac-cine? How long will I be cut off from friends and family? How long we need to wait to worship together in Church? How long can we stand it? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We are trying to live with the virus around and living with new normals.
The steadfast love of God for you will never cease. Never. His mercies will never come to an end. Never. They will be new every morning, and he will be faithful to bring them to you. His word offers peace to our hearts in hard seasons. It gives us great hope in the battles we face today, like rays of light breaking through the darkest night. For just as sure as the sun comes up every morning, we can be confident that His mercies never end. They are never based on how good we are, but only on His steadfast character. His compassion towards us is fresh every morning, and each day is a gift straight from His hand. We can trust His heart for us.
God often reminds us that He is greater than the problem. He is a God of miracles who works on behalf of His children, even where we can’t fully see. When confident of this truth, we can fully trust Him. We may not understand it all this side of heaven, but God is always faithful. And He can do in just a moment, what it might take years for us to work through on our own. God’s power is still greater than the works of darkness and far stronger than anything we may face here. Whatever's concerning you, entrust it to our powerful God. Talk to Him. He knows your burdens and He cares. The very God who causes the sun to rise every morning, who created us and all that we see, also keeps us safe in His care, and reminds us, He hasn’t lost control. Not ever.
Grace = getting what we don't deserve
Mercy = not getting what we do deserve
And I’m incredibly thankful for both. I’m sure you are too. God is so good, always gracious and loving. Let us experience His powerful presence surrounding you in every way.
Let me take this time to appreciate all those who work diligently behind our School of Gamaliel and Virtual VBS. VBS was a blessing for all the students who attended. Rev. Noble Abraham Achen, who was the VBS leader, lead our children to new heights. Justin and Sheena, the VBS co-ordinators, Anitha Mathew, Aksa Alex, Bincy Puthenmadathil, Joji John, and all our teachers took extra effort to made the virtual experience a reality.
Church celebrate the first Sunday of August as the Mission Sunday. The mission of the church is to know Jesus Christ, to bear the fruit of His Spirit and to witness the Risen Christ. From August 1-15 church observe as the 15 days lent. At the end of the 15 days lent on 1836, Abraham Mal-pan one of the reformation leaders of our church, celebrated the Holy communion in vernacu-lar language (in Malayalam). Till that time the Liturgy was in Syriac Language. This was a radical step on the journey of reformation in Malankara Church. Mar Thoma Church is Apostolic in Origin, Biblical in Faith, Episcopal in Tradition, Evangelical in Principle, Oriental in Worship, Uni-versal in Nature, Ecumenical in outlook, Democratic in function. Let us proud to be a Mar Thomite and let us be Lighted to Lighten the world.
Last month our Metropolitan went through some medical procedures. Let us pray for Tiru-meni’s health and healing. Valiya Metropolitan also need our special prayers. Our leaders of the Church are the gift of God. “Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.” (Heb.13:7)
Rt.Rev.Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Tirumeni is installed as the Suffragan Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church. May our Lord continue to keep Theodosius Thirumeni in His provi-dence to continue the faith journey of the Mar Thoma Church.
The start of the new school year is exciting for our children. But it also prompts a spike in anxiety this year. The new school year will not be as same as the conventional in person study. Re-opening of the schools became a logistic nightmare for parents, students and the teachers. God can make our confusion to clarity. We can experience the presence of God in the midst of chaos. God is the one who gives us wisdom. “Fear of the Lord will bring wisdom” Prov-erbs 9:10. Let us beseech God to give wisdom to all our children. Wishing IMTC progenies, a blessed academic year. We are planning to have the dedication service for our children on Sun-day, August 16, 2020.
Remember we are called to be people of God. Let us place our fear and anxiety in God. His will take care of us.
Be safe in the Arms of God.
Servant in Christ,

Anu Achen

Rev. Abraham Varghese (Anu Achen)
Vicar, Immanuel Mar Thoma Church, Houston