Immanuel Middle-Aged Family fellowship (IMAFF) was formed on November 1, 2019, with a group of like minded church members to continue the organizational legacy of the Mar Thoma Yuvujana Sakhyam, even after the completion of 45 years. We want to specifically thank Rev. Abraham Varghese (Anu Achen) for Achen’s counsel and guidance in the formation and for officially creating our organization to be a part of Immanuel Marthoma Church organization, by the approval of Immanuel Marthoma Church General Body in the year 2020. We thank God Almighty for all the blessings to start this new organization under Immanuel Mar Thoma Church Houston.

The primary objective of IMAFF as an organization, is to leverage the Word of God for our growth, and to lend our assistance to the activities where IMAFF as an organization, can provide our services, time and resources for needy community members around us. Our objective to help establish a cultural and spiritual bridge between the older generation and the younger generation that are part of the Immanuel Mar Thoma Church. We also want to share our common spiritual and social problems of our age group that will help grow our faith and be effective witnesses for the glory of God. We want to collectively be there for each other as we bring up our youth and younger adult children in this digital world by balancing both work and family responsibilities. We will meet every Third Friday of the Month at the Immanuel Mar Thoma from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm and during pandemic restrictions via the Church Zoom Platform.  Our monthly time of fellowship not only helps improve the camaraderie among all our family members, but also to plan our programs for the remaining months of the year.

We look to God’s guidance and support from Our Vicars, IMAFF leadership and all the existing and new members to be productive during this pandemic outbreak that is making it difficult for all of us.  We will continue to diligently do our best to be an organization that is a blessing to the Immanuel Mar Thoma Church and the community around us that needs experiencing the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2022 leadership team:

  • Mathew Verghese, Vice President.
  • John P Mathew, Secretary
  • Mariamma Abraham, Joint Secretary
  • Abraham Kurien, Treasurer

Committee Members

  • Anna Baby
  • Vinu Jacob Mathew
  • John Verghese
  • Sajeev Kutty
  • Saji Pappachen
  • Auditor: Roy Thomas